Consider Volunteering with Urban Champions

We need help in:

  • Administration and Finance.
  • Asset management and Logistics.
  • Educations, Programs, Services and Training.
  • Fundraising and Marketing.
  • Student Advisory Board.

These teams will determine solutions for:

  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Infrastructure
  • Fundraising
  • Student Celebration & Reunion
  • Empowerment Rallies
  • 2017 Trial Program
  • Focus on our Wildly Important Goals (WIG’s) No more than 4
  • Act on your lead not lag measures.
  • Keep a compelling Scoreboard Raise money to fund organization & programs.
  • Establish a cadence of accountability.

Contact us today to find out how you can put your passion, life skills and energy to work to help at risk student-athletes to become “scholar athletes.”

Our kids deserve it, you want it, and we will bring the expertise to make it all happen. Let’s work together to get a win not just on the field, but also in life.

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