Parent Empowerment Training

Our targeted parenting training program will help parents improve their ability to work with and inspire students.

We always hear the term constructive criticism. But doesn’t everyone think the criticism they give their children is constructive? Why would they give it if they didn’t think it is was helpful? Yet a lot of it is not helpful at all. It’s full of judgement about the child. Constructive means helping the child to fix something, build a better product, or do a better job.

“Billy rushed through his homework, skipping several questions and answering the others in a short, sloppy way. His father hit the roof. “This is your homework? Can’t you ever get it right? You are either dense or irresponsible. Which is it?” The feedback managed to question his son’s intelligence and character at the same time and to imply the defects are permanent”.

− Dr. Carol Dweck Best-selling Author of Mindset the new psychology of success; how we can learn to fulfill our potential, “Parents, teachers, and coaches: where do mindsets come from” and section on “Constructive criticism: more about failure messages.”