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AboutUrban Champions

The Eligibility/Academic Excellence Network:

A community of stakeholders with one voice – academic excellence.

Urban Champions is a community-based, nonprofit organization whose primary focus is to teach at-risk youth that are academically ineligible, disengaged, and struggling, how to become champions in all phases of life—academics, athletics, career training, higher education, community enrichment.

We accomplish this through the development of executive function, and social-emotional growth, so the students can be goal-directed, independent, and purposeful in all their pursuits.

We have one purpose: to prepare scholar-athletes for college and beyond.

If college is not in his or her plans, our vocational training partners can assist participants in obtaining gainful trade skill employment after high school.

What does Urban Champions do?

Urban Champions redefines for at-risk academically ineligible, disengaged, or struggling students what it means to become a champion, and rewards those who choose to become champions in the classroom and life. Our mission is summarized in the following acronym:

  • Reward
  • Empowering themselves economically by making good career
  • Achieving good grades
  • Character and spiritual growth, making ethical decisions, and personal leadership
  • Helping others and community improvement

Want to know more?

Urban Champions has a simple charter — build on the energy youth already have for sports by coupling those sports activities to academic-boosting activities.

We work side by side with committed parents, to empower their sons and daughters to excel in the Executive Function, Social-Emotional Skills, and goal-directed behaviors, they need to be independent, and purposeful, so they can win academically, and in life.

Students are already excited about sports. Urban Champions will empower them and channel that excitement into holistic, positive action that encompasses their entire life.

Help empower aspiring athletes to become scholars. Contact us today!