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We’re all familiar with the well-recognized African Proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We are simply village members that partner with parents to create one voice that teams up with the student to support the achievement his or her Personal Empowerment Plan.

Another needed dimension of this valued village is our partnership with all members of the community to assist youth, especially administrators, coaches, teachers, youth community workers, youth church leaders, and any organization involved in assisting at-risk youth that are academically ineligible, disengaged and struggling to become “champions in the classroom and life”.

Those members make up a large portion of an at-risk youth’s village. Especially the “lost at-risk” youth that are our targets. Building a positive network with the youth, his parents and the other members involved will assist him (and soon her) to grow into his (or her) championship habits, like an infant in an incubator.

A segment of your students are failing. They’ll be poorly prepared for life after High School. You don’t want to see this happen. Not especially on your watch. This segment of students are under performing in school. You’re afraid that he or she will not graduate. But they are interested in sports even obsessed with becoming a college or professional athlete.

The only problem is that this dream can’t happen for them because they are not academically prepared for college. More importantly, in addition to not being able play the sport he or she loves, first and foremost, because he or she is failing, not only academically ineligible, and may not graduate in high school.

The negative behavior of this student has become a problem too. You are concerned that he or she on the path of becoming a delinquent because you’ve seen this pattern before.

  • Poor character
  • Citizenship
  • Immaturity
  • Motivated by playing the sports only
  • Hungry
  • Little time to study
  • Tired
  • Unfocused
  • Unmotivated


If this student does not graduate he or she will struggle a considerable portion of his or her life. He or she cannot play a sport because they’re academically ineligible.

Implied need:

This student needs your assistance to improve academically. He or she must improve grades to pass classes because based on his or her academic track record he or she has to make up some courses to graduate.

Explicit need:

What this students really desires now is to play the sport he or she loves. However, for him or her to become eligible to play the sport he or she loves they need to improve their gpa to a minimum of 2.5 and only on F. He or she are motivated by being very skilled in that sport.

Need pay-off (questions that assist to customer to discover the benefits he or she needs. This assists with aligning with the solution to be offered to them. These are solution centered questions to build up the positive benefits of the solutions. Ex. Is it important to you to solve your student’s academic, behavior, character, and citizenship problem? Is it important for you find this solution to resolve your student’s problems? Is there any other way this could help you?):

Can you imagine the positive changes that will happen in your student’s family should he or she be accepted to our training? The benefits that your student and parent gain will greatly depend on their personal background, challenges, the outcome and results parent(s) face, what is specifically needed for your student to improve in the classroom, the skills your student needs to gain in the sport he or she desires to play, and customized solutions your student needs to improve in the classroom and your life. These will be identified through our Personal Empowerment Plan that is a part of our intake assessment of your student and the creation your plan.

There are nine advantages of UC’s Empowerment Program eight for student’s and one for parents.

    First and foremost your parents:
  • Will be empowered with skills to work together more effectively with your student to achieve his or her life’s goals. This is achieved by our Parent Empowerment component of our service.
    Your students will:
  • Improve his or her overall ability to become independent, purposeful, goal directed because of the development of Executive Function Skills. This is achieved by our Cognitive (brain) and Executive Function Skills Training with our BrainHQ Training.
  • The development of Social Emotional Intelligence to improve your student’s ability to work more effectively with his or her parent(s), teachers, coaches, and fellow students to achieve personal goals. He or she will become ready to learn through these skill because he or she is empowered resolve the sources of the problems of your own behavior, character and citizenship. This is achieved by our Social-Emotional Skills Training with Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens.
  • The development of more effective health and nutritional habits will optimize the other training that your student receives. It will assist him or her with resolving the problems of being hungry, limited time to study, tired, unfocused and unmotivated. Your students better eating and sleeping habits will improve your ability to perform in the classroom and other aspects of his or her life.
  • Hunger and tiredness causes your student to not prioritize studying as he or she needs to do. Those two physical obstacles lead to your student not having the ability to focus or motivation to perform in the classroom and complete homework. This is resolved through our Healthy Habits and Nutritional Training.
  • To raise your student’s level of motivation we provide rewards that your student can earn by completing UC’s Program Milestones. The major milestone is the improving your grades. As your student moves up the academic ladder by improving his or her grades he or she will be rewarded with the participation in special activities, events and sports training.
  • The athletic performance training is the major earned reward for your students because he or she wants to be a college and/or professional athlete or receive special attention as a high school star. This is achieved through a combination of the Earned Rewards through a Win-Win Agreement that includes Athletic Performance Training.
  • Finally, your student life and your parent(s) lives will be changed – for the better. As a matter of fact, families will be changed as they experience the benefits of UC’s Training. By your student and parents creating a mutual goal, beginning to work together toward his or her Personal Empowerment Plan goals and progressively achieving them improves and their family relationship will change for the better. This is what Urban Champions is after – lives changed of the better.

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