Healthy Habits and Nutritional Training

An effective life starts from the inside out. As part of our training, we help students understand and engage in healthy eating habits and other essentials, such as getting proper sleep.

“The human brain uses 25% -30% of the body’s energy (in the form of glucose) everyday (Hallowell, 2005). This means that if you do not have a healthy, balanced diet, and eat before you begin new learning, you are starving your brain of the energy it need to function properly, causing your brain to work much less efficiently. A brain starved for glucose is a brain not ready to learn. The brain does much better if the blood glucose level can be held relatively stable."

- Drs. Terry Doyle & Todd Zakrajsek
in the The new science of learning; how to learn in harmony with your brain, Preparing to learn: nutrition, hydration, sleep and exercise.