Clay Murphy bio of Urban Champions

Clay Murphy is a longtime writer and editor who started his career as a newspaper reporter and public relations representative before transitioning into technical writing nearly 20 years ago. He currently works for Google managing a team of tech writers that oversees the Android Open Source Project website, In the past, Clay has written for and managed at other bleeding-edge companies, including Excite@Home and Red Hat.

Clay has volunteered with many organizations over the years, including the Providence Home homeless shelter and Carolina Children’s Home orphanage on the East Coast and ArtSeed and the Uhuru Foundation on the West Coast.

Clay now teaches website building to teenagers and young adults at the Oakland Public Library as part of the Community Technology Network’s Ready, Set, Connect! Program. He’s a regular contributor to Google’s GoogleServe volunteering endeavor and even helped establish, the volunteer search engine that powers, as part of President Barack Obama’s first inauguration.

Finally, Clay is a bit of an athlete himself, regularly surfing or riding his motorcycle great distances. He knows full well the benefit of combining exercise with education.